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The Story of Our Mission

Thu 21 March, 2024

1.Passion for Sports Matches

My love for sports runs deep. The roar of the crowd, the thrill of victory, the sting of a close defeat – those shared moments of elation and heartbreak have ignited a fire within me since childhood. Baseball's crack of the bat and the swish of a hockey puck across the ice are melodies to my ears. But being a fan has always been about more than just the games. It's about belonging, camaraderie, and proudly showing your colors.

Hockey Tournaments in 2024

2.Seeing the Pain of Fans

Meet fans but do not equip their favorite team's equipment because of the design, because of the price, because of the inability to pay...

Over the years, I've noticed something that broke my heart: dedicated fans longing for ways to express their loyalty but held back by limitations. Some struggled to find merchandise that truly captured the spirit of their team without looking generic or tacky. Others faced steep prices that pushed their fandom out of reach.

People who choose gifts for sports lovers but don't know what to choose

Gift-givers grappled with the same challenge. They wanted to surprise a loved one with something special, yet often the market options were predictable or impersonal.

The product they are looking for is not available on the market

True fans crave unique items – a jersey with their own name on it, a phone case that proudly displays their team's logo, or a customized piece that reflects their own inside jokes and fandom moments. However, finding these treasures seemed almost impossible.

Cannot buy in large quantities to equip a large team

And for the organizers of local teams, those groups of friends who played for the love of the sport, there was the hurdle of outfitting an entire team with gear that felt special. Quantity orders were often too expensive or lacked customization options.

3.The Opportunity Has Come

  • It struck me then – this was more than just a problem; it was a calling. The rise of 3D printing technology opened a world of possibilities. What if I could harness this innovation to empower fans with the gear they'd always dreamed of?
  • What I need to do now is how to solve those problems. Helping those with the same sports-loving spirit to burn their hearts out when participating in cheering.
  • That's the idea, now let's get started!!


Who am I?

I'm not just a seller; I'm a sports lover myself. I understand the deep connection we feel to our teams and the desire to express it in ways both bold and personal.

What is my mission?

My mission is to make fandom accessible, creative, and affordable. To help fans celebrate their passions in ways that feel authentically theirs.

baseball and hockey fashion

5.What are Our Products?

We offer a vast range of 3D-printed merchandise adorned with the logos, colors, and spirit of MLB and NHL teams. Phone cases, keychains, figurines, custom apparel – the possibilities are endless.

Tell about the benefits it brings to 3D printed products

As can be designed and personalized

With 3D printing, fans have the power of personalization at their fingertips. Jersey, Crocs, Rug, T-shirt, Tumbler, Hoodie, Shoes, Hawaiian Shirt – make it yours.

Printed on all types of products

Our catalog is dynamic, always expanding to create new ways for fans to express their love of the game.

Good Price

3D printing technology lets us offer amazing quality at prices that make supporting your team a joy, not a financial burden.

Material and Quality of the Product

We use top-of-the-line materials and meticulous printing processes to ensure your merchandise is both durable and eye-catching. Fan pride should last.


My website isn't just a business; it's a community. It's a place where sports fans, from the casual supporter to the diehard fanatic, can find the perfect outlet for their passion.

Thank you for being a part of it – let's show the world what it means to be a true fan!!

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