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How to Rock Your Chicago Cubs Gear: Game Day Fashion Guide

Fri 05 April, 2024

How to Rock Your Chicago Cubs Gear: Game Day Fashion Guide

There's a special magic to Cubs baseball – the history at Wrigley Field, the thrill of a home run, and the unwavering loyalty of the fans. Show your Cubbie pride in style with this guide, tailored to your favorite gear:

Jersey Custom: Make it Personal

Nothing feels more official than a customized Cubs jersey. Rock your own name alongside those legendary players, or honor your all-time Cubbie hero with their name and number. It's the ultimate statement piece for a true fan.

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Sweatshirt: Vintage Vibes or Modern Cool

Cubs sweatshirts come in a range of styles to match your personality. Embrace the nostalgia with a vintage-inspired design featuring retro logos, or go for modern and bold with a hoodie showcasing the current team colors and graphics.

T-Shirt: The Fan Uniform

A Cubs tee is the cornerstone of your fan wardrobe. Experiment with different looks – the classic Cubs logo, playful "Fly the W" slogans, or a shirt celebrating a specific player. Dress it up with a skirt or down with jeans or shorts for absolute game day versatility.

Polo Shirt: Step Up Your Cubs Style

When you want a slightly dressier Cubs look, a polo shirt is the way to go. It's perfect for showing your team spirit at the office on game day, or for hitting a sports bar with friends in fan-approved style.

Tumbler: Stay Hydrated, Cubs Fan

Beat the game-day heat (or quench your celebratory thirst!) with a Cubs-themed tumbler. Everyone will know where your loyalties lie, and you'll stay refreshed through all nine innings and beyond.

Hoodie: The Cozy Essential

Every Cubs fan needs a trusty hoodie! It's your go-to for tailgating in the crisp Chicago air, celebrating late-night wins, or just showing off your Cubs love on a casual day.

Crocs: Fun, Functional, and Full of Team Spirit

Add a playful touch to your game day look with Cubs-themed Crocs. These super comfy shoes are perfect for navigating the stadium crowds or lounging at a backyard watch party. Extra points if they feature the iconic Cubs bear logo!

Yeezy Shoes: The Sneakerhead's Choice

If you love sneakers, rock Yeezys in classic Cubs colors like blue, red, or white. It's a fashion-forward way to subtly show off your Cubs pride while staying on top of your style game.

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